Hi guys! Whats up? I’m always super busy with the job and the blog, always looking for new projects to be developed.

Today, however, I want to talk about a new brand of sneakers: NEWYORKINASORIGINALS

NewYorkinasOriginals was founded by Rosmi Dominguez, a Spanish Girl with visionary soul.

Her adventurous soul and desire to discover got her experiencing life in six different countries.

During all those years of traveling she said the most important thing she learned was to know yourself and be good to yourself. With allthe experience she gained during those years, Rosmi founded NewYorkinasOriginals, a sneaker brand that was established in 2015.

Now I leave you with an interview with Rosmi, telling you a bit about yourself and newyorkinas. Enjoy the reading!

Why the name NewYorkinasOriginals ?

It all started with my little nice who twisted Menorquinas into NewYorkinas . In that moment the idea for an urban sneaker was born.

And, why the blue sole?

Because I was born in the Mediterranean.

We talk about the times when sneakers weren’t as accepted as they are now.  [She smile] Remembering that you couldn’t get into disco clubs with sneakers on.

Nowadays times have changed, and sneakers are used for every kind of occasion at any time.

If you could see any person, dead or alive, wear your sneakers, who would you choose and why?

There are many in order to choose only one… Difficult choice. 🙂

Although, if I have to choose one I would say Barack Obama. He is in one word :


What kind of customer do you have in mind when you design and create your products?

My costumer is a city person, casual and urban. Newyorkers; Parisiens, Barcelona and Milán citizens …

How would you describe your brand in 3 words?

Comfy, elegant and URBAN.

Where do you see NewYorkinasOriginals in five years from now?

Based in New York. 🙂



NewYorkinasOriginals are handmade in Spain from the highest quality leather, to give you

The Sky at your feet”.

I’m wearig Grey Mole Model

To discover more about these high quality unique sneakers from NewYorkinasOriginals check out their website and Instagram page.

Special thanks to Rosmi and NewYorkinasOriginals  😀



Alessio Alcini

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